Bad Marketing: Miracle Mattress Releases 9-11 Twin Tower Promotion

We’ve all seen bad marketing campaigns in the past, whether they’re cheesy, stupid, goofy, gimmicky or offensive.  Although nothing like the one Miracle Mattress released just a few days ago. Usually they flare up in the news, take a roll through social media and then fizzle out. It can be difficult working in the creative process.  You need to balance a very fine line when creating content depending on your goals.  Sometimes you need to dance a fine line to be edgy, get attention, capture a viral wave if you can to help make a video successful and are a few ways to do so.  You either peak peoples interest with intrigue, comedy, shock, and/or emotion.

Miracle Mattress Releases Awful 9-11 Promotion

Let’s introduce Miracle Mattress, a discount mattress retailer out of San Antonio Texas. After reviewing their Facebook page they seem like a lively group of employees posting some quick goofy videos.  It’s actually a great tactic to create videos of your employees to help humanize your brand.  That was of course until they posted this latest clip for an upcoming 9-11 sale.  The video depicts two towers of mattresses behind two employees who are later “pushed” into the mattresses that then fall over.  The video finishes with the owner saying “We’ll never forget.”

There is no excuse for a video like this. Using an event that took the lives of thousands of innocent people to push a sale is deplorable.  There are no Pearl Harbor sales, no World War, Vietnam, Gulf War sales. There’s a reason for that. Because it’s unacceptable to try and profit off of tragic events!

I’m not here to give an ethics lesson though, I want to analyze why this video was made.  It was very stupid and insensitive but is it all that surprising to see something like this? This weekend we are marking the 15 year anniversary. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the attacks.  I was in a history class my sophomore year in high school. It feel like it was more like 5 years ago than 15.

What I have trouble believing is someone had this idea pop into their head, and instead of leaving it there, they told someone else.  That other person said, “wow, lets do it!” Then they told at least two other people, went through the lines and after practicing everyone said, “Yep, good to go!” Someone else filmed it, then someone uploaded it!  How can something this stupid make it through so many people with the green light?

There is no angle or view you can take that can even hint that this was an okay thing to do. Some ideas never make it past paper, let alone the mind.  This should have been something that got buried as soon as it was conceived.

You can check out Miracle Mattress’s Facebook page here.

Miracle Mattress 9-11 Promotion

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