Client Success

Download ResumeExperienced client relations and satisfaction manager with extensive experience in client education, support, and health analysis.  Able to work with multiple internal and external teams in an agile environment to manage client requirements and translate into achievable goals to set and meet deadlines.  Detail oriented and flexible to work with many different styles and technologies to achieve maximum productivity.

Some of the companies I have had the opportunity to work with:

VistaprintVistaprint was looking for a way to boost premium business card sales by using training videos to showcase premium features to up-sell website visitors.  I managed a creative team and the client to deliver several videos to A/B test through the site.  We later optimized the videos to increase premium business card up-selling from 3.5% to 11.3%.

LogMeInLogMeIn Inc. wanted to show their developers what their customers were really like.  Instead of creating hour long audio interviews we worked together to create several professional customer interview style testimonials where we talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  This gave the LogMeIn team a look into the people using their product and helped drive customer feedback right to the team.

profitectInitially Profitect needed a new way to engage clients.  I had managed and worked with their marketing team to develop a plan to create interactive videos for their CEO and each of their sales reps to help cut through the noise and really stand out.  They proved very successful in engaging their customers.  Later I was brought in closer to sales to work with the team directly to optimize their workflow and recommend marketing best practices.

DemandConDemandCon is one of the largest Sales and Marketing conferences in the country.  I worked with Shawn Elledge to create a plan to drive interest and boost registrants and attendees.  We did this by creating promotional videos with some of the top sales and marketing experts in the country.  I had the opportunity to work directly with Jill Konrath, Hugh Macfarlane, Brian Kardon, Jeff Ernst, and many more.  I was also responsible for managing delivery of the event on demand.  We had over a dozen presentations captured  and all were delivered complete and on time.

More descriptions to come.  Here are some other clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with: